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A talented staff and world class equipment, gives us the ability to meet the most challenging needs and any volume.


Post production, we can powder coat or plate products. Complete turn-key assembly allows customers to expand their business with our full support. A stocking program is available with blanket orders.


Our team will communicate with your staff during the entire process to create the best manufactured products for you.


With our technical staff, we can support you with full engineering if needed and provide quality reports and data to meet your requirements.

Our Culture and Our Beliefs

Kinney Manufacturing strives to keep things simple. Some parts we produce have critical tolerance and very precise applications, but they are still a metal part. Based on this, we always need to keep our activities in perspective. We expect our team members to come to work each day with the expectation of working safely, making good quality parts and being productive. We then want our team members to go home and enjoy their time away from Kinney Manufacturing with their family and friends.

Kinney Manufacturing’s commitment is to provide our customers, suppliers and team members with the information and/or materials to accomplish their activities efficiently and without drama. We want to communicate information clearly and only once, and then we all can have the expectation that the work will be completed.

We want to treat everyone that interacts with Kinney Manufacturing fairly and how we would want to be treated in return. Living by this simple concept should make it obvious how to solve problems and help others.

We believe that the key to maintaining and growing a successful business is to answer the phone when people call and deliver product on-time. Quality parts and a competitive price have become a requirement to be in business these days, and it is only with great customer service that our business will thrive.

Our Capabilities

Kinney Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer that is ready and willing to invest and grow to support your company. We have expanded our facility, invested in new equipment and new processes, added internal resources, partnered with outside companies and achieved certifications, all at the request of customers, so we can continue to supply them materials or assemblies. If have an opportunity that requires a qualified supplier, contact IntoMetal.

Kitting & Assembly

Robotic Welding

Powder Coating

Fiber Lasers

Press Brakes

3D Printing

Automated Laser Loading System

Mobile Bending Robots

Racking Systems


Auto Sheet Rollers

Full Assembly

High Productivity Vertical Machining

Tube Bending

Packing & Shipping

Our History

Debby Bull and Randy Kinney both grew up on their respective family farms in northeast Nebraska. They married in 1991 after school, and started their careers. They have two children. After spending time working for all different sized companies in Louisiana, Texas, and Kansas, they made their way back to settle in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2005. After experiencing working for several different companies they wanted to see what they could do themselves.

In 2011, their path allowed them to create Kinney Manufacturing by purchasing IntoMetal in Lincoln, Nebraska. With their past experiences, they wanted to take what they had learned and make the company that they would want to work for. In 2018, as the company continued to grow and was looking for opportunities to expand, they were able to purchase Precise Fabrication in Beatrice, Nebraska.  


Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities & Exceptional Delivery
Covering Engineering – Fabrication – Finishing – Machining – Quality – Welding

Our Family

Kinney Manufacturing divisions to fullfill your industrial needs.


OmniRack is a sheet metal racking system that enables the user to store sheet metal in a high density storage rack and also allows the steel cassettes to stack on themselves. They also fully integrate with Bystronic Laser automation, but can be used with any laser brand.


IntoMetal is a contract metal fabrication company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With over 80,000 square feet, more than 100 people, and the latest equipment, we are positioned to support our customers.I


Precise Fab is a contract metal fabrication company located in Beatrice, Nebraska. With over 40,000 square feet, more than 40 people, and the latest equipment, we are positioned to support our customers.


Kinney Manufacturing, LLC leans heavily towards finding the latest technology and having talented individuals and teams develop opportunities to create more value.

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